[Wildflowers West of the Cascade Mountains with 5 Petals]

The Phlox Family West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington



Straggling Gilia: Allophyllum gilioides (Synonym: Gilia gilioides) -

Collomias and Mountain Trumpets: The Genus Collomia -

Gilias: The Genus Gilia -

Small-flowered Gymnosteris: Gymnosteris parvula -

Scarlet Gilias or Skyrockets: The Genus Ipomopsis -

Babystars, Flaxflowers and Linanthus: The Genus Leptosiphon (formerly the Genus Linanthus) -

Navarretias: The Genus Navarretia -

Phlox: The Genus Phlox -

Jacob's-ladders and Polemoniums: The Genus Polemonium -

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