[Wildflowers West of the Cascade Mountains with 5 Petals]

The Pea Family West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington Fabaceae

Western Sweet-vetch: Hedysarum occidentale

Partial List of Members of the Pea Family Found West of the Cascade Mts:

Silver Wattle: Acacia dealbata -

False Indigo, Desert False-indigo, False Indigo-bush: Amorpha fruticosa (Synonym: Amorpha occidentalis) -

Milkvetches: The Genus Astragalus -

Western Redbud, California Redbud: Cercis occidentalis (Synonym: Cercis canadensis) - ?

Brooms: The Genus Cytisus -

French Broom, Montpelier Broom: Genista monspessulana (Synonym: Cytisus monspessulanus) -

American Licorice, Wild Licorice: Glycyrrhiza lepidota -

Western Sweet-vetch: Hedysarum occidentale -

Golden Chain-tree: Laburnum anagyroides -

Peas, Peavines and Vetchlings: The Genus Lathyrus -

Bird's-foot Trefoils, Deervetch and Lotuses: The Genus Lotus -

Lupines: The Genus Lupinus -

Alfalfa, Burclovers and Medics: The Genus Medicago -

Sweet Clovers: The Genus Melilotus -

Birdsfoot, Yellow Serradella: Ornithopus compressus -

Crazyweeds and Locoweeds: The Genus Oxytropis -

Common Pea, Garden Pea: Pisum sativum -

Lanceleaf Scurf Pea, Lance-leaf Scurf Pea, Lemon Scurfpea, Wild Lemonweed: Psoralidum lanceolatum (Synonym: Psoralea lanceolata) -

Locusts: The Genus Robinia -

California Tea, California-tea, Scurf Pea, Forest Scurfpea: Rupertia physodes (Synonym: Psoralea physodes) -

Crown Vetch: Securigera varia (Synonym: Coronilla varia) -

Western Sophora: Sophora leachiana -

Spanish Broom: Spartium junceum - ?

Buckbeans and Golden Peas: The Genus Thermopsis -

Clovers: The Genus Trifolium -

Gorse, Common Gorse, Furze: Ulex europaeus -

Tares and Vetches: The Genus Vicia -

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