[The Mustard Family West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Tumblemustards West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Sisymbrium

Jim Hill Mustard, Tall Rocket Mustard, Tall Tumblemustard, Tumble Mustard: Sisymbrium altissimum (Synonym: Norta altissima)

Jim Hill Mustard: Sisymbrium altissimum

Jim Hill Mustard, Tall Tumblemustard, Tall Rocket Mustard, Tumble Mustard: Sisymbrium altissimum -

London Rocket: Sisymbrium irio -

False London Rocket, Loesel's Tumblemustard, Small Tumblemustard,Small Tumbleweed Mustard, Tall Hedge Mustard: Sisymbrium loesellii -

Hedge Mustard: Sisymbrium officinale (Synonyms: Erysimum officinale, Sisymbrium officinale var. leiocarpum, Sisymbrium officinale var. officinale) -

Indian Hedge Mustard: Sisymbrium orientale -

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