[The Barberry Family West of the Cascade Mountains]

Inside-out-flowers West of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Vancouveria

Inside-out-flower, White Inside-out-flower, Northern Vancouveria: Vancouveria hexandra

Inside-out Flower: Vancouveria hexandra

Golden Inside-out Flower, Siskiyou Inside-out-flower, Yellow Vancouveria: Vancouveria chrysantha -

Inside-out-flower, Northern Inside-out Flower, Northern Vancouveria, White Inside-out-flower: Vancouveria hexandra (Synonyms: Epimedium hexandrum, Vancouveria brevicula, Vancouveria picta) -

Redwood-ivy, Redwood Inside-out Flower, Small Inside-out-flower, Small-flowered Vancouveria: Vancouveria planipetala -

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