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Pacific Northwest Botanical Links

Coniferous Trees

1. Trees of the Pacific Northwest Contains an easy to use identification key with photos of native conifers of the Pacific Northwest. Produced by the Oregon State University College of Forestry.

Deciduous Trees and Shrubs

1. Flora Northwest: Deciduous Trees & Shrubs of the Willamette Valley Photos of leaves


1. California Native Plant Society An excellent source of information about the native plants of California, some of which may be found in the Pacific Northwest.

2. North Coast Chapter of the California Native Plant Society

3. Native Plant Society of Oregon: Information about Oregon plants. This is a new link, and some of its features are not on line yet. Check out the monthly bulletins as they are regularly updated.

4. Wenatchee Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society: Check out the nice pages that Don Woodworth has put together showing the Bitterroot and Cacti. His pages also has a nice links section.

5. Oregon Flora Project An excellent source of information on botanical research, plant distribution, and plant photos for Oregon.

6. Oregon State University Herbarium

7. Trails and Wildflowers: A nice set of pages dealing with the flora and hiking trails near Oakridge, OR. The flower photos are definitely very nice!

8. Society for Pacific Coast Native Iris: A well done site about the native iris found along the Oregon and California coasts.

9. The Flora of Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

10. Idaho Rare Plants

11. Oregon's Rare and Endangered Plants

12. Wildflowers of Eastern Washington: A nice website specializing in wildflowers one may find in Eastern Washington!

13. Central Washington Native Plants: A nicely done website specializing in wildflowers one may find in Central Washington!

14. Washington Native Orchid Society

15. Flowers of Mount Rainier

16. Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest A great website by renowned wildflower and garden photographer Mark Turner.


Paul Slichter