[Northwest Nature Links]

Pacific Northwest Animal Links


1. Oregon Birders On-line A source of current information about birds found in the Pacific Northwest. A number of good links may be found here too!

2. Tweeter's Birding E-mail Contains a number of links about birding in Washington and British Columbia.

3. Hummingbirds! This site contains all you'd want to know about North American Hummingbirds.

4. Northwest Hummingbirds






1. The Native Fish Society



1. The Butterfly Website: Information about North American butterflies, how to attract them, how to grow them, and where to obtain them.

2. The Oregon Dragonfly and Damselfly Survey: A source of information for those of you interested in these exciting insects.

3. The Butterfly Website Picture Gallery

4. Butterflies General Life Cycle Information about Butterflies. From the Butterfly Farm in Costa Rica.


Paul Slichter