[Pacific Northwest Vines]

Bittersweet Nightshade

Scientific Name:

Solanum dulcamara

Common Local Nightshades:

Solanum nigrum --Black Nightshade (Shorter Nightshade along Columbia River shores.)

Family Name:

Potato Family


Moist open woods, disturbed areas, and gardens.


1. Nightshade is a vine that climbs into other plants.

2. The leaves are alternate and arrow-shaped.

3. The tiny purple and yellow flowers look like clusters of tiny shooting stars.

4. The berries are small, but bright red when ripe. They lool like tiny tomatoes (a relative). See photo at right!

Uses or Importances:

1. All parts of this plant are considered to be poisonous!

2. Nightshade is a relative of the tomato, eggplant, and potato.

3. It is a bothersome european weed that spreads easily because birds drop the seeds with their droppings.

4. The bright berries are a favorite bird food.

Paul Slichter