[Shrubs with Compound-pinnate Leaves]

Dog Rose

Rosa canina



Rose Family


An escaped domestic plant from eurasia, found naturalized in thickets and along roadsides at low elevations west ofthe Cascade Mts, and in northern Idaho. Some plants may be found east of Portland, OR along Marine Drive.


1. Woody shrub with moderately large 5-petaled pink or white flowers. The flowers are often solitary or in small clusters. Blooms in May.

2. Leaves with 5-7 pinnately compound leaflets. The leaflets are ovate and with sharply toothed margins. Leaflets may be up to 4 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.

3. Numerous curved prickles on the stems.

4. Flowers form round to ovoid red hips. The hips and flowers are usually solitary or in clusters.


1. Dried flower petals for scents, potpourri

2. Rose hips are high in vitamin C, may be made into jam, tea, and used as flavoring.

3. This is an escaped domestic plant.

To the left, a rose hip, fruit of the Nootka Rose, which is similar (but larger) to that of the Pearhip Rose.

Paul Slichter