[Shrubs with Compound-pinnate Leaves]

Clustered Wild Rose

Rosa pisocarpa


Rose Family


Clustered Wild Rose is found in thickets (groups) on moist swampy ground. It is often found in ditches along roads.


1. Woody shrub with small 5-petaled pink flowers in clusters. The petals are about 1.5 cm long. Blooms in May.

2. Leaves with 5-7 pinnately compound leaflets. The leaves are about 1.5 to 4 cm long. The leaflets are ovate and with toothed margins.

3. Numerous tiny prickles on the stems.

4. Flowers form red seed pods (essentially similar to miniature apples) called hips. The hips and flowers are usually solitary (not in clusters)


1. Dried flower petals for scents, potpourri

2. Rose hips are high in vitamin C, may be made into jam, tea, and used as flavoring.

To the right is the rose hip (fruit) of the Clustered Wild Rose. The rose hips of the Clustered Wild Rose tend to be in clusters.

Paul Slichter