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Common Nighthawk near the Trout Creek Mts, southeastern Oregon.

Cascade Mariposa Lily (Calochortus subalpinus) photo at right.


These web pages are intended for use by the biology students at Gresham High School as they identify the wildlife & wildflowers they encounter during their spring ecology studies. Of course, all nature afficionados are welcome too! It is our intention in the Biology Department at Gresham High School to present information about the natural history of the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis to the areas near Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington.

The organisms to be seen on these pages will be those commonly seen in the Pacific Northwest. The information found here will thus be of interest to many folks throughout this region.
All photographs on these nature pages are copyrighted by Paul Slichter and his students. Photographs may be downloaded for educational or personal use but may not be modified in any form nor used commercially. Inquiries may be sent to me at the E-mail address below.
The photographs on these pages are best viewed by setting your Monitor Control Panel to 1000s of colors if possible. If your monitor is set at 256 colors, the pictures will appear more grainy.

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Female White-headed Woodpecker at right.

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