[Members of the Sunflower Family with Shrub-like Growth Form in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

Western Wormwood

Artemisia ludoviciana

Louisiana Sagewort, Prairie Sage, Silver Wormwood, Western Mugwort, Western Wormwood: Artemisia ludoviciana ssp. ludoviciana (Synonyms: Artemisia ludoviciana var. ludoviciana, Artemisia vulgaris var. ludoviciana)

Western mugwort observed along the Fishtrap-Sprague Highway near the junction with Miller Ranch Road East......June 28, 2020.

Western Wormwood: Artemisia ludoviciana Photo at right of Artemisia ludoviciana.....July 14, 1990.

Upright, aromatic herbaceous plant with numerous flower heads clustered close to the upper part of the main stem. The flower heads are discoid, with 6-45 yellowish disk flowers, depending on the variety. Leaves are entire to deeply parted or divided. Plants are somewhat silvery haired. Flowers from July into October.


Western wormwood is a wildflower that may be found in dry open places.


Western wormwood is found mostly east of the Cascades and Sierra Nevada, but is otherwise common in the western United States.

In the Columbia River Gorge, Artemisia ludoviciana is found at an elevation of 0'-400' throughout much of the gorge, from the Sandy River in the west on east.

Western Wormwood: Artemisia ludoviciana - Inflorescence of Western Wormwood: Artemisia ludoviciana

The photo at left shows Artemisia ludoviciana along the Chief Joseph Trail, Wallowa-Whitman N.F........July 27, 1997. The photo at right shows western wormwood....July 14, 1990.

Paul Slichter