[Lichens of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

Flattened Thornbush Lichen

Kaernefeltia merrillii

Synonyms: Cetraria merrillii, Tuckermannopsis merrillii

Flattened Thornbush Lichen: Kaernefeltia merrillii (Synonyms: Cetraria merrillii, Tuckermannopsis merrillii) (Parmeliaceae)

Numerous examples of what appears to be flattened thornbush lichen (Cetraria merrillii) which are black and branched are seen interspersed along this branch, The shiny brownish foliose thallus of greenleaf tuckermannopsis lichen(Cetraria chlorophylla) is seen at center left. Also pictured are the yellow foliose thallus of brown-eyed sunshine lichen (Vulpicida canadensis), and the antlered perfume Evernia prunastri) which are creamy, antler-like lichens. Some stringy Bryoria is also seen. All are seen on a vertical (turned horizontal here) branch of a ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) as seen in the Klickitat Wildlife Area between the Glenwood-Goldendale Highway and Canyon Creek.........April 6, 2013.

Paul Slichter