[The Phlox Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Jacob's-ladders and Polemoniums of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Polemonium

Salmon Polemonium: Polemonium carneum

California Polemonium, Low Jacob's Ladder: Polemonium californicum (Synonyms: Polemonium columbianum, Polemonium pulcherrimum ssp. tricolor, Polemonium pulcherrimum var. calycinum)

Great Polemonium, Royal Jacob's-ladder, Salmon Polemonium: Polemonium carneum (Synonyms: Polemonium carneum ssp. carneum, Polemonium carneum ssp. luteum) - Perennial. Corolla large and showy, salmon to flesh-colored or occasionally white, measuring 18-28 mm long. Found at the western end of the Gorge.

Littlebells Polemonium, Annual Polemonium, Annual Jacob's-ladder: Polemonium micranthum (Synonym: Polemoniella micrantha) - Annual. Corolla small, white, measuring about 2-5 mm long or about equal to the calyx. Found in arid habitats at the east end of the Gorge.

Western Jacob's-ladder, Western Polemonium: Polemonium occidentale (Synonyms: Polemonium caeruleum ssp. amygdalium, Polemonium caeruleum ssp. occidentale, Polemonium caeruleum var. pterospermum, Polemonium helleri, Polemonium intermedium, Polemonium occidentale ssp. amygdalium, Polemonium occidentale ssp. occidentale, Polemonium occidentale ssp. typicum) - A collection by Wilhelm Suksdorf, possibly from his garden rather than a natural area in the Columbia River Gorge? Also collected in a damp meadow near Prindle, WA.

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