[The Pea Family in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

The Milk-vetch of the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Astragalus

Hood River Milk-vetch: Astragalus hoodianus

Hood River Milk-vetch: Astragalus hoodianus

Hillside Milkvetch: Astragalus collinus var. collinus -

Laurent's Milkvetch: Astragalus collinus var. laurentii -

Idaho Milkvetch, Idaho Milk-vetch, Stiff Milkvetch, Stiff Milk-vetch: Astragalus conjunctus var. conjunctus (Synonyms: Astragalus diversifolius var. campestris, Astragalus reventus var. conjunctus, Homalobus campestris) - Found in the highlands south of the Columbia River but approaches the river near Biggs Junction, OR.

Idaho Milkvetch, Idaho Milk-vetch, Stiff Milkvetch, Stiff Milk-vetch: Astragalus conjunctus var. rickardii (Synonym: Astragalus reventus var. conjunctus) - May possibly be found in the highlands to the north of the Columbia River east of US Highway 97 and along canyon slopes from the Deschutes River east.

Transparent Milkvetch: Astragalus diaphanus var. diaphanus - Along the Columbia River shore of Oregon downstream of the John Day River.

Drummond's Milkvetch: Astragalus drummondii - Historical collection near The Dalles, OR.

Threadstalk Milkvetch: Astragalus filipes - Along Interstate 84 between mileposts 136-137. Also found along the Deschutes River below Sherard's Bridge.

Geyer's Milkvetch: Astragalus geyeri -

Howell's Milkvetch: Astragalus howellii (Synonym: Astragalus howellii var. howellii) - Found near The Dalles, OR and in the highlands along the Deschutes and John Day Rivers near their mouths.

Hood River Milkvetch: Atragalus hoodianus (Synonyms: Astragalis conjunctus var. oxytropoides, Astragalus reventus var. oxytropidoides, Cnemidophacos knowlesianus) -

Bent Milkvetch, Hairy Milkvetch: Astragalus inflexus -

Freckled Milk-vetch: Astragalus lentiginosus var. lentiginosus - Found in Oregon in the highlands along the Columbia River between Boardman, OR and the Deschutes River.

Woolly-pod Milk-vetch, Gravel Milkvetch: Astragalus purshii var. glareosus (Synonyms: Astragalus glareosus, Astragalus ventosus) - Low, dense cushion plant with reddish-purple flowers, whitish, almost rabbit-foot looking seed pods, and grayish, compound pinnate leaves.

Pursh's Milkvetch, Pursh's Milk-vetch, Woolly-pod Milk-vetch: Astragalus purshii var. purshii - Collected near Bigg's Junction, OR.)

Yakima Milkvetch: Astragalus reventiformis (Synonym: Astragalus reventus var. canbyi) -

Stalked-pod Milkvetch, The Dalles Milkvetch, Woody-pod Milkvetch: Astragalus sclerocarpus -

Curvepod Milkvetch, Curve-pod Milk-vetch, Medic Milkvetch, Spiral-pod Milkvetch, Threadstalk Milkvetch, Threadstalk Milk-vetch: Astragalus speirocarpus -

Columbia Milkvetch: Astragalus succumbens -

Tweedy's Milkvetch: Astragalus tweedyi - Found between The Dalles, OR and Arlington, OR and east of Rock Creek to Roosevelt, WA.

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