[Buttercups: The Genus Ranunculus in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and Washington]

Elliptical Buttercup, Sagebrush Buttercup

Ranunculus glaberrimus var. ellipticus

Synonyms: Ranunculus ellipticus, Ranunculus glaberrimus var. buddii

Elliptical Buttercup, Sagebrush Buttercup: Ranunculus glaberrimus var. ellipticus (Synonyms: Ranunculus ellipticus, Ranunculus glaberrimus var. buddii)

This photo may show elliptical buttercup (var. ellipticus) as seen in clearings in the oak forest along the south shore of Dillacort Creek, lower Klickitat River Gorge.......April 3, 2011. This variety of sagebrush buttercup has elliptic to ovate basal leaf blades that are undivided and the leafy bracts, if 3-lobed, have the middle bract much longer than the lateral bracts. The similar sagebrush buttercup (var. glaberrimus) is also found at this location and they typically have ovate basal leaf blades which have 3 short, rounded lobes at the blade tip and usually have leaf bracts on the stem that are three lobed with the middle lobe about the same length as the lateral lobes.

Paul Slichter