[The Borage Family in the Columbia River Gorge]

Stickseeds of the Columbia River Gorge

The Genus Hackelia

Branching Stickseed: Hackelia diffusa var. diffusa

Branching Stickseed, Cotton's Stickseed, Creamy Stickseed: Hackelia diffusa var. cottonii - White-flowered variety.

Branching Stickseed, Diffuse Stickseed, Spreading Stickseed: Hackelia diffusa var. diffusa (Synonyms: Hackelia saxatilis, Lappula diffusa) - Blue-flowered variety.

Spotted Stickseed, Spreading Stickseed: Hackelia patens vr. patens (Synonyms: Hackelia diffusa var. caerulescens, Hackelia diffusa var. coerulescens, Lappula redowskii var. coerulescens) - Observation from NPSO field trip to McCord Creek/ Yeon State Park......1960s.

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