[Wildflowers of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

The Lesser Clubmoss and Spikemoss of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Selaginella

Unidentified spikemoss in the Columbia River Gorge.

Oregon spikemoss sprawling down over a basalt outcrop along the Wahclella Falls Trail in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon..........May 7, 2013.

Douglas' Selaginella, Douglas' Spikemoss, Lesser Clubmoss: Selaginella douglasii (Synonym: Lycopodium douglasii) -

Festoon Spikemoss, Oregon Selaginella, Oregon Spikemoss: Selaginella oregana -

Cliff Spikemoss, Rocky Mountain Spikemoss: Selaginella scopulorum (Synonyms: Selaginella densa, Selaginella densa var. scopulorum) -

Wallace's Selaginella, Wallace's Spikemoss: Selaginella wallacei -

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