[Wildflowers of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

The Grass Family in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington


California Oatgrass: Danthonia californica

California Oatgrass: Danthonia californica

A very brief listing of grass species found in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington. A more complete list will be added sometime in the future......

Needlegrasses: The Genus Achnatherum

Hairgrasses: The Genus Aira

Bromes: The Genus Bromus

Reedgrasses: The Genus Calamagrostis

Drooping Woodreed, Slender Woodreed, Slender Wood-reed: Cinna latifolia

Cock's Foot Grass, Orchard-grass: Dactylis glomerata (Synonym: Dactylis glomerata ssp. glomerata)

Oatgrasses of the Cascade Mountains: The Genus Danthonia

Squirreltail and Wildrye Grasses: The Genus Elymus

Common Velvetgrass, Yorkshire Fog: Holcus lanatus (Synonym: Nothoholcus lanatus)

Prairie Junegrass, Prairie Koeler's Grass: Koeleria macrantha (Synonyms: Koeleria cristata, Koeleria cristata var. longifolia, Koeleria cristata var. pinetorum, Koeleria gracilis, Koeleria nitida, Koeleria pyramidata, Koeleria yukonensis)

Timothy: The Genus Phleum

Downy Oatgrass, Narrow False Oat, Spike Trisetum: Trisetum spicatum (Synonyms: Aira spicata, Trisetum montanum, Trisetum montanum var. shearii, Trisetum sesquiflorum, Trisetum spicatum ssp. alaskanum, Trisetum spicatum ssp. congdonii, Trisetum spicatum ssp. majus, Trisetum spicatum ssp. molle, Trisetum spicatum ssp. montanum, Trisetum spicatum ssp. pilosiglume, Trisetum spicatum var. alaskanum, Trisetum spicatum var. congdoni, Trisetum spicatum var. maidenii, Trisetum spicatum var. majus, Trisetum spicatum var. molle, Trisetum spicatum var. pilosiglume, Trisetum spicatum var. spicatiforme, Trisetum spicatum var. spicatum, Trisetum spicatum var. villosissimum, Trisetum subspicatum, Trisetum triflorum, Trisetum triflorum ssp. molle, Trisetum villosissimum)

Annual Fescues: The Genus Vulpia

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