[The Rush Family in Mt. Adams Country]

Rushes of Mt. Adams Country

The Genus Juncus

A close-up image of the inflorescence of Drummond's Rush: Juncus drummondii

Drummond's Rush: Juncus drummondii ssp. subtriflorus

Jointed Rush, Jointleaf Rush, Joint-leaf Rush, Joint-leaved Rush: Juncus articulatus ssp. articulatus (Synonyms: Juncus articulatus var. obtusatus, Juncus articulatus var. stolonifer, Juncus lampocarpus, Luzula hyperborea) -

Arctic Rush, Baltic Rush, Dark Baltic Rush, Mountain Rush: Juncus balticus ssp. ater (Synonyms: Juncus balticus var. montanus, Juncus balticus var. vallicola, Juncus vallicola) -

Toad Rush: Juncus bufonius (var. ?) - Present in Conboy Lake NWR as well as in disturbed areas (especially roadsides) around Mt. Adams.

Colorado Rush: Juncus confusus (Synonym: Juncus exilis)- Collected at the NW corner of Conboy Lake NWR.

Coville's Rush: Juncus covillei (Synonyms: Juncus covillei var. covillei, Juncus covillei var. obtusatus , Juncus falcatus var. paniculatus, Juncus falcatus var. prominens, Juncus latifolius var. paniculatus) -

Drummond's Rush, Threeflower Rush: Juncus drummondii (Synonyms: Juncus compressus var. subtriflorus, Juncus drummondii var. drummondii, Juncus drummondii var. longifructus, Juncus drummondii ssp. subtriflorus, Juncus drummondii var. subtriflorus, Juncus pauperculus, Juncus subtriflorus) -

Dagger-leaf Rush, Dagger-leaved Rush, Swordleaf Rush, Sword-leaf Rush, Three-stamened Rush: Juncus ensifolius (Synonyms: Juncus ensifolius var. ensifolius, Juncus xiphioides) -

Thread Rush: Juncus filiformis -

Dwarf Rush, Hermann's Dwarf Rush: Juncus hemiendytus (Synonyms: Juncus brachystylus var. uniflorus, Juncus triformis var. uniflorus) - Rare. Collected near the southeastern base of Mt. Adams.

Kellogg's Dwarf Rush, Kellogg's Rush: Juncus kelloggii (Synonyms: Juncus brachystulus, Juncus triformis var. brachystylus)

Common Rush, Lamp Rush, Shiny Rush: Juncus laccatus (Synonym: Juncus effusus var. gracilis) - Collected half a mile north of Trout Lake, WA.

Long-styled Rush: Juncus longistylis (Synonym: Juncus longistylis var. longistylis) - Collected near Conboy Lake NWR.

Merten's Rush: Juncus mertensianus (Synonyms: Juncus duranii, Juncus mertensianus var. duranii, Juncus mertensianus var. filifolius, Juncus slwookoorum) -

Columbia Rush, Sierra Rush: Juncus nevadensis var. nevadensis (Synonyms: Juncus badius, Juncus columbianus, Juncus nevadensis var. badius, Juncus nevadensis var. columbianus) -

Straight-leaved Rush: Juncus orthophyllus (Synonyms: Juncus latifolius, Juncus longistylis var. latifolius) - Collected at Young's Wetland.

Parry's Rush: Juncus parryi (Synonym: Juncus drummondii var. parryi) -

Regel's Rush: Juncus regelii (Synonym: Juncus jonesii) -

Hairyleaf Rush, Hairy-leaf Rush, Hair-leaved Rush, Spreading Rush: Juncus supiniformis (Synonyms: Juncus oreganus, Juncus paucicapitatus) -

Path Rush, Poverty Rush, Slender Rush: Juncus tenuis (Synonyms: Juncus bicornis, Juncus interior, Juncus macer, Juncus tenuis var. bicornis, Juncus tenuis var. multicornus, Juncus tenuis var. tenuis, Juncus tenuis var. williamsii)

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