[The Miner's Leaf Family in Mt. Adams Country]

Miner's Lettuce in Mt. Adams Country

The Genus Montia

Little-leaf Montia: Montia parvifolia

Little-leaf Montia: Montia parvifolia

Chamisso's Montia, Water Montia: Montia chamissoi (Synonyms: Claytonia chamissoi, Crunocallis chamissoi) -

Dwarf Montia: Montia dichotoma (Synonyms: Clatyonia dichotoma, Montiastrum dichotomum) - Near the Klickitat River.

Water Blinks, Water Chickweed: Montia fontana (Synonyms: Claytonia hallii, Montia clara, Montia fontana ssp. fontana, Montia fontana var. lamprosperma, Montia fontana var. tenerrima, Montia funstonii, Montia hallii, Montia minor) -

Line-leaf Montia, Lineleaf Indian Lettuce, Narrowleaf Miner's-lettuce, Narrowleaf Montia, Narrow-leaved Montia: Montia linearis (Synonym: Claytonia linearis) -

Little-leaf Montia, Streambank Springbeauty: Montia parvifolia (Synonyms: Claytonia parvifolia, Montia parvifolia ssp. flagellaris, Montia parvifolia ssp. parvifolia, Montia parvifolia var. flagellaris, Montia parvifolia var. parvifolia, Naiocrene parvifolia) -

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