[Wildflowers with 5 Petals in Mt. Adams Country]

The Mallow Family in Mt. Adams Country


The photo above shows a close-up sideview of the flowers of Oregon checker-mallow as seen along Laurel Road in the Conboy National Wildlife Refuge.........June 17, 2006. Note the spittle bug which has made its home in the inflorescence.

Mountain Hollyhock, Streambank Globemallow: Iliamna rivularis (Synonyms: Iliamna rivularis var. diversa, Iliamna rivularis var. rivularis, Sphaeralcea rivularis) -

Common Mallow, Dwarf Mallow: Malva neglecta -

Oregon Checkermallow, Oregon Checker-mallow: Sidalcea oregana var. oregana (Synonyms: Sidalcea oregana ssp. oregana, Sidalcea oregana var. maxima, Sidalcea oregana var. procera) -

Paul Slichter