[The Muskroot, Honeysuckle and Twinflower Families in Mt. Adams Country]

Snowberries of Mt. Adams Country

The Genus Symphoricarpos

Creeping Snowberry

Common Snowberry: Symphoricarpos albus var. albus (Synonyms: Symphoricarpos albus var. pauciflorus, Symphoricarpos pauciflorus, Symphoricarpos racemosus) -

Common Snowberry: Symphoricarpos albus var. laevigatus (Synonyms: Symphoricarpos albus ssp. laevigatus, Symphoricarpos rivularis) -

Creeping Snowberry, Spreading Snowberry: Symphoricarpos mollis var. hesperius (Synonyms: Symphoricarpos hesperius, Symphoricarpos mollis ssp. hesperius) -

Mountain Snowberry: Symphoricarpos rotundifolius var. vaccinioides (Synonyms: Symphoricarpos oreophilus var. utahensis - misapplied, Symphoricarpos rotundifolius var. vaccinoides) -

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