[The Figwort Family in Mt. Adams Country]

Monkeyflowers of Mt. Adams Country

The Genus Erythranthe (Formerly the Genus Mimulus)

Lewis' Monkeyflower: Erythranthe lewisii

Chickweed Monkeyflower, Chickweed Monkey-flower, Chickweed Monkey Flower, Wing-stem Monkey-flower: Erythranthe alsinoides (Synonym: Mimulus alsinoides) -

Shortflower Monkeyflower, Short-flowered Monkeyflower, Short-flowered Monkey Flower: Erythranthe breviflora (Synonyms: Mimulus breviflorus, Mimulus breviflorus ssp. breviflorus, Mimulus breviflorus ssp. robustus, Mimulus inflatulus) -

Brewer's Monkeyflower, Brewer's Monkey-flower: Mimulus breweri (Synoyms: Mimulus breweri, Mimulus rubellus, Mimulus rubellus var. breweri) -

Large Mountain Monkey-flower, Subalpine Monkeyflower: Erythranthe casespitosa (Synonyms: Mimulus tilingii, Mimulus tilingii var. caespitosus) -

Common Monkeyflower, Common Monkey Flower, Seep Monkeyflower, Seep Monkey-flower, Yellow Monkey Flower: Erythranthe guttata (Synonyms: Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus guttatus ssp. guttatus, Mimulus guttatus var. guttatus, Mimulus guttatus var. lyratus, Mimulus guttatus var. puberulus, Mimulus lyratus, Mimulus langsdorffii) -

Great Purple Monkeyflower, Lewis' Monkeyflower, Lewis' Monkey Flower, Purple Monkeyflower, Purple Monkey-flower: Erythranthe lewisii (Synonym: Mimulus lewisii) -

Small-leaved Monkey-flower: Erythranthe microphylla (Synonym: Mimulus guttatus var. depauperatus) -

Musk-flower, Musk Monkeyflower, Musk-plant, Sticky Monkey-flower: Erythranthe moschata (Synonyms: Mimulus moschatus, Mimulus moschatus var. moschatus, Mimulus moschatus var. pallidiflorus, Mimulus moschatus var. sessilifolius) -

Primrose Monkeyflower, Primrose Monkey-flower, Primrose Monkey Flower: Erythranthe primuloides (Synonyms: Mimulus pilosellus, Mimulus primuloides, Mimulus primuloides ssp. pilosellus, Mimulus primuloides var. minimus, Mimulus primuloides var. pilosellus, Mimulus primuloides var. primuloides) -

Candelabrum Monkey-flower, Pulsifer's Monkeyflower, Pulsifer's Monkey-flower: Erythranthe pulsiferae (Synonym: Mimulus pulsiferae) -

Miniature Monkey-flower, Suksdorf's Monkeyflower: Erythranthe suksdorfii (Synonym: Mimulus suksdorfii) -

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