[Wildflowers with 3 Petals in Mt. Adams Country]

The Orchid Family in Mt. Adams Country


The photo above shows a close-up of the large, very attractive flower of Mountain Lady Slipper, an orchid which has been reported from Mt. Adams but has not been recently verified. It would be most likely expected on the southeastern or eastern slopes of Mt. Adams.

Calypso, Calypso Orchid, Fairy Slipper, Fairy Slipper Orchid: Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalis (Synonym: Calypso bulbosa ssp. occidentalis) -

Coralroots of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Corallorhiza -

Mountain Lady Slipper, Mountain Lady's Slipper: Cypripedium montanum -

Phantom Orchid: Eburophyton austiniae (Synonyms: Chloraea austiniae, Eburophyton austiniae) -

Giant Helleborine, Stream Orchid: Epipactis gigantea (Synonyms: Amesia gigantea, Epipactis gigantea f. citrina, Epipactis gigantea f. rubrifolia, Helleborine gigantea) -

Giant Rattlesnake Plantain, Green-leaf Rattlesnake-plantain, Rattlesnake Plantain, Western Rattlesnake Plantain: Goodyera oblongifolia (Synonyms: Goodyera decipiens, Goodyera oblongifolia var. reticulata, Peramium decipiens, Peramium menziesii) -

Fen Orchid, Loesel's Twayblade: Liparis loeselii (Synonyms: Leptorchis loeselii, Liparis correana, Malaxis correana, Malaxis longifolia, Ophrys loeselii) -

Twayblades of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Listera -

Rein Orchids of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Piperia -

Bog Orchids of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Platanthera -

Ladies' Tresses of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Spiranthes -

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