[Wildflowers with 3 Petals in Mt. Adams Country]

The Buckwheat Family in Mt. Adams Country


Mountain-sorrel: Oxyria digyna

Mountain-sorrel: Oxyria digyna

American Bistort, Snakeweed, Mountain Meadow Knotweed, Western Bistort: Bistorta bistortoides (Synonyms: Persicaria bistortoides, Polygonum bistortoides, Polygonum bistortoides var. linearifolium, Polygonum bistortoides var. oblongifolium, Polygonum cephalophorum, Polygonum glastifolium, Polygonum vulcanicum)

The Buckwheats of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Eriogonum -

Black Bindweed: Fallopia convolvulus (formerly Polygonum convolvulus) -

Mountain-sorrel: Oxyria digyna -

The Knotweeds of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Polygonum -

The Docks of Mt. Adams Country: The Genus Rumex -

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