[The Buttercup Family in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

Marsh-marigolds of Mt. Adams Country

The Genus Caltha

Elkslip Marsh-marigold: Caltha leptosepala

Note: Both these taxa have been lumped together as Caltha leptosepala. I kept them separate just to aid their identification.

White Marsh-marigold, Marsh Marigold, Broad-leaved Caltha, Elkslip: Caltha leptosepala ssp. howellii (Synonyms: Caltha biflora var. biflora, Caltha leptosepala var. biflora) - Rounded leaves about as long as wide.

Elkslip Marsh-marigold: Caltha leptosepala ssp. leptosepala var. leptosepala - Oblong leaves, longer than wide.

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