[Wildflowers in Bloom in central Oregon: 2003]

Dunes North of Alkali Lake

June 24, 2003


N43* 00.296' ---- W119* 59.800' ---- +/-17' ---- Elevation: 4296'

An area of dunes to the north of the lake were studied briefly.

* Denotes wildflowers currently in bloom.

Buckwheat Family

*Broom Buckwheat: Eriogonum vimineum

Goosefoot Family

Spiny Hopsage: Atriplex spinosa

Mustard Family

Stanlyea or Thelypodium sp.

Evening-primrose Family

Desert Evening-primrose: Oenothera caespitosa ?

Parsley Family

Rhysopterus: Rhysopterus plurijugus

Phlox Family

*Great Basin Gilia: Gilia micromeria ?

Borage Family

Matted Cryptantha: Cryptantha circujscissa

Sunflower Family

Chaenactis stevoides

Gray Rabbitbrush: Ericameria nauseosa

Showy Townsendia: Townsendia florifer

Paul Slichter