[Members of the Sunflower Family with Flower Heads Like Dandylions (the Flower Heads Consist Entirely of Ray Flowers)]

Prairie-dandelions East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Nothocalais

False Agoseris : Nothocalais troximoides (Synonyms: Microseris alpestris, Microseris troximoides, Scorzonella troximoides)

False Agoseris: Nothocalais troximoides

Alpine Lake Agoseris, Alpine Lake Prairie-dandelion, Smooth Mountain Dandelion: Nothocalais alpestris (Synonyms: Agoseris alpestris, Agoseris barbellulata, Microseris alpestris) - (Found mostly in the Cascade Mts, but found at Williams Prairie in the Ochoco Mts.)

False Agoseris, Weevil Microseris, Weevil Prairie-dandelion: Nothocalais troximoides (Synonyms: Microseris troximoides, Scorzonella troximoides) -

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