[Wildlfowers East of the Cascade Mts.]

The Cactus Family East of the Cascade Mts.


Hedgehog cactus, Echinocereus engelmannii from Water Creek, the Superstition Mts, AR.....3/22/91.

Photo at right of the fishhook cactus, Mamillaria dioica from the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, CA....March 20, 1990.
Members of the Cactus Family Found East of the Cascade Mts.:

Brittle Cactus, Brittle Pricklypear, Brittle Prickly-pear: Opuntia fragilis (Synonyms: Cactus fragilis, Opuntia brachyarthra, Opuntia fragilis ssp. brachyarthra, Opuntia fragilis var. brachyarthra, Opuntia fragilis var. denudata, Opuntia fragilis var. fragilis) -

Columbia Pricklypear, Columbia Prickly Pear, Hairspine Pricklypear, Many-spined pricklypear, Prickly Pear Cactus, Starvation Cactus: Opuntia x columbiana Synonyms: Opuntia erinacea var. columbiana, Opuntia erinacea var. paucispina, Opuntia erinacea var. ursina, Opuntia erinacea var. utahensis, Opuntia erinacea var. xanthostemma, Opuntia fragilis x polyacantha, Opuntia heacockiae, Opuntia juniperina, Opuntia missouriensis var. trichophora, Opuntia polyacantha, Opuntia polyacantha var. juniperina, Opuntia polyacantha var. polyacantha, Opuntia polyacantha var. rufispina, Opuntia polyacantha var. rufispina, Opuntia polyacantha var. trichophora, Opuntia rhodantha, Opuntia rhodantha var. spinosior, Opuntia rubrifolia, Opuntia rutila, Opuntia schweriniana, Opuntia sphaerocarpa var. utahensis, Opuntia trichophora() -

Hedgehog Cactus, Mountain Ball Cactus, Snowball Cactus: Pediocactus nigrispinus (Synonyms: Coryphantha vivipara, Coryphantha vivipara var. vivipara, Echinocactus simpsonii var. robustior, Pediocactus nigrispinus ssp. beastonii, Pediocactus nigrispinus ssp. pueblensis, Pediocactus nigrispinus var. beastonii, Pediocactus simpsonii, Pediocactus simpsonii var. nigrispinus, Pediocactus simpsonii var. robustior) -

Photo of the Beavertail Cactus, Opuntia basilaris with Mormon Tea, Ephedra nevadensis to the lower right from the Living Desert Museum, Palm Desert, CA....March 18, 1990.

Please note that the cacti shown on this page are not native to the Pacific Northwest, but I wish they were!

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