[Wildflowers with 5 Petals East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

The Bluebell or Harebell Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington


Showy Calico Flower: Downingia elegans

Showy Downingia: Downingia elegans

Bluebells & Harebells: The Genus Campanula -

Lobelia or Downingia: The Genus Downingia -

Common Blue Cup: Githopsis specularioides (Synonyms: Githopsis calycina, Githopsis specularioides var. hirsuta) -

Heterocodon, Rareflower Heterocodon, Western Pearlflower: Heterocodon rariflorum (Synonyms: Specularia rariflora, Specularia rariflorum) -

Howellia, Water Howellia, Water Howellwort: Howellia aquatilis -

Rigid Nemacladus, Stoutstem Threadplant: Nemacladus rigidus -

Fleshy Porterella, Porterella: Porterella carnosula -

Small Venus'-looking-glass: Triodanis biflora (Synonyms: Specularia biflora, Triodanis perfoliata var. biflora, Triodanus biflora) -

Clasping-leaf Venus'-looking-glasClasping Venus' Looking-glass, Triodanis, Venus'-looking-glass: Triodanis perfoliata (Synonyms: Legousia perfoliata, Specularia perfoliata, Triodanus perfoliata) -

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