[The Mustard Family East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington]

Drabas and Whitlow-grasses East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Draba

Steens Draba: Draba cusickii var. cusickii

Steens Draba: Draba cusickii var. cusickii

Alaska Whitlow Grass, Slender Draba: Draba albertina (Synonyms: Draba crassifolia var. nevadensis, Draba nitida, Draba stenoloba, Draba stenoloba var. nana) - Flowers yellow. Perennial. 1-2 stem leaves.

Golden Draba Whitlow-grass: Draba aurea (Synonyms: Draba aurea var. aurea, Draba aurea var. aureiformis, Draba aurea var. leiocarpa) -

Cushion Draba: Draba cana - In our region, this is found in the Wallowa Mountains.

Rocky Mountain Draba, Snowbed Whitlow-grass, Thick-leaved Draba: Draba crassifolia (Synonyms: Draba crassifolia var. crassifolia, Draba crassifolia var. parryi) - Flowers yellow, fading to white. Perennial.

Cusick's Draba, Steens Draba, Steens Mountain Whitlow Grass: Draba cusickii var. cusickii (Synonyms: Draba sphaeroides, Draba sphaeroides var. cusickii) - Flowers yellow. Perennial.

Lemmon's Draba, Lemmon's Whitlow-grass: Draba cyclomorpha (Synonyms: Draba lemmoniiDraba lemmonii var. cyclomorpha) - Flowers yellow. Perennial.

Denseleaf Draba, Dense-leaf Whitlow-grass, Nuttall's Draba: Draba densifolia (Synonyms: Draba caruleomontana, Draba caeruleomontana var. piperi, Draba nelsonii, Draba pectinata, Draba sphaerula) - Flowers yellow. Perennial.

Alkali False Whitlow-grass, Douglas' Draba, Douglas' Whitlow-grass: Cusickiella douglasii (Synonym: Draba douglasii ) - Flowers white. Perennial.

Yellowstone Draba, Whitlow-wort, Yellowstone Whitlow-wort: Draba incerta (Synonyms: Draba exalata, Draba incerta var. incerta, Draba incerta var. laevicapsula, Draba incerta var. peasei, Draba laevicapsula, Draba peasei) - Flowers yellow, fading to white. Perennial.

Lancefruit Draba, Lancefruit Whitlow-wort, Lancepod Whitlow-grass, Spear-fruited Draba, Twisted Whitlow-grass: Draba lonchocarpa (Synonyms: Draba lonchocarpa var. denudata, Draba lonchocarpa var. lonchocarpa, Draba lonchocarpa var. semitonsa, Draba lonchocarpa var. thompsonii, Draba nivalis, Draba nivalis ssp. lonchocarpa, Draba nivalis var. denudata, Draba nivalis var. elongata, Draba nivalis var. exigua, Draba nivalis var. thompsonii) - Flowers white. Perennial.

Woods Draba, Woodland Whitlow-grass: Draba nemorosa (Synonyms: Draba dictyota, Draba nemoralis, Draba nemorosa var. leiocarpa, Draba nemorosa var. nemorosa, Tomostima nemorosa) - Flowers pale yellow to white, entire to slightly notched. Annual. Fruits hairy, 3-12 mm long. Pedicels to 3 cm long, longer than fruit, spreading or curved downward.

Payson's Draba, Payson's Whitlow-grass: Trelease's Whitlow Grass: Draba novolympica (Synonyms: Draba paysonii, Draba paysonii var. treleasei, Draba paysonii var. treleasii) - Petals yellow. Perennial.

Fewseed Whitlow-grass, Few-seeded Draba, Few-seeded Whitlow-grass: Draba oligosperma (Synonyms: Draba calcifuga, Draba oligosperma var. andina, Draba oligosperma var. microcarpa, Draba oligosperma var. oligosperma, Draba oligosperma var. pectinipila, Draba subsessilis) - Flowers yellow to off white. Perennial.

Broad-pod Whitlow-grass: Draba platycarpa (Synonyms: Draba cuneifolia var. platycarpa, Draba viperensis) -

Tall Whitlow-grass, Tall Draba: Draba praealta (Synonyms: Draba cascadensis, Draba columbiana, Draba dolichopoda, Draba lonchocarpa var. daseycarpa, Draba yellowstonensis) - Petals bi-lobed, commonly white, but occasionally pale yellow. Annual. Pods hairy, 1-14 mm long, often twisted.

Carolina Whitlow-grass: Draba reptans (Synonyms: Arabis reptans, Draba reptans ssp. stellifera, Draba reptans var. micrantha, Draba reptans var. reptans, Draba reptans var. stellifera, Tomostima caroliniana) - Petals white. Perennial.

Coast Draba, Coast Whitlow-grass, Mountain Draba, Mountain Whitlow-grass: Draba ruaxes (Synonym: Draba ventosa var. ruaxes) -

Alaska Whitlow-grass, Slender Draba: Draba stenoloba (Synonyms: Draba acinacis, Draba hirta var. siliquosa, Draba nemorosa var. stenoloba, Draba stenoloba var. oligantha, Draba stenoloba var. stenoloba) - Petals yellow or cream, fading to white. Perennial. Fruits glabrous, 8-15 mm long. Pedicels about as long as fruits.

Thompson's Draba: Draba thompsonii (Synonyms: Draba lonchocarpa var. thompsonii, Draba nivalis var. thompsonii) -

Spring Draba, Spring Whitlow-grass: Draba verna (Synonyms: Draba verna var. aestivalis, Draba verna var. boerhaavii, Draba verna var. major, Draba verna var. verna, Erophila verna ssp. spathulata, Erophila verna var. praecox, Erophila verna var. verna) - Petals white and bilobed. Annual.

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