[The Mustard Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington]

The Genus Cardaria East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

Asian White-top, Chalapa Hoarycress, Lenspod Whitetop, Lens-podded Hoarycress: Cardaria chapepensis (Synonys: Cardaria chalapensis, Cardaria draba ssp. chalapensis, Cardaria draba ssp. chalepensis, Cardaria draba var. repens, Cardaria repens, Lepidium draba ssp. chalepense, Lepidium repens)

Heart-podded Hoarycress, Hoary Cress, Hoary Pepperwort, Whitetop, White Top: Cardaria draba (Synonyms: Cardaria draba ssp. draba, Cardaria draba var. draba, Lepidium draba, Lepidium draba ssp. draba) - Silicle broadly ovate or heart-shaped. Leaf margins entire or lightly toothed. Sepals and fruits glabrous.

Globepodded Hoarycress, Globe-podded Hoarycress, Hairy Whitetop: Cardaria pubescens (Synonyms: Cardaria pubescens var. elongata, Hymenophysa pubescens, Lepidium appelianum) - Silicle globose or obovoid. Leaf margins sharply toothed. Sepals and fruits pubescent.

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