[Wildflowers with 4 Petals East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington]

The Gentian Family East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington


White-stemmed Frasera: Swertia albicaulis

White-stemmed Frasera: Frasera albicaulis

Note that this family is a mix of species with 4 or 5 petals.

The Centaurys: The Genus Centaurium - Flowers rose to pink in color.

Dane's Dwarf Gentian, Little Gentian, Slender Gentian: Comastoma tenellum (Synonyms: Gentiana tenella, Gentianella tenella, Gentianella tenella ssp. tenella)

The Gentians: The Genus Gentiana - Corolla funnel-shaped and typically over 2 cm long, the petals united and the lobes shorter than the tube. Plants are typically large perennials.

The Gentians: The Genus Gentianella - Corolla funnel-shaped and typically less than 2 cm long, the petals united and the lobes shorter than the tube.Plants are typically smaller annuals.

Oneflower Fringed Gentian, One-flowered Gentian, Fringed Gentian: Gentianopsis simplex (Synonyms: Gentiana simplex, Gentianella simplex) -

The Swertia: The Genus Swertia - Corolla not funnel-shaped and the petals barely if at all united into a tube. Plants are small to large perennials.

The Centaurys: The Genus Zeltnera -

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