[The Lily Family East of the Cascade Mts. of Oregon and Washington]

Fairy Bells East of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington

The Genus Prosartes (formerly the Genus Disporum)

Hooker Fairy Bells: Disporum hookeri

Hooker Fairy Bells: Disporum hookeri

Drops-of-gold, Hooker Fairy-bell, Hooker's Fairybells, Oregon Drops-of-gold, Oregon Fairy Bells: Disporum hookeri (Synonyms: Disporum hookeri, Disporum hookeri var. hookeri, Disporum hookeri var. oreganum, Disporum hookeri var. parviflorum, Disporum hookeri var. trachyandrum, Disporum oreganum, Disporum parvifolium, Disporum trachyandrum, Prosartes hookeri var. oregana) - Upper leaf surface hairy with ciliate margins with forward pointing hairs. Style hairy.

Roughfruit Fairybells, Sierra Fairy-bell, Wartberry, Wart-berry Fairy Bells: Prosartes trachycarpa (Synonyms: Disporum trachycarpum, Disporum trachycarpum var. subglabrum) - Upper leaf surface glabrous with ciliate margins, the hairs spreading and not pointing forward. Style glabrous.

Paul Slichter