[Rodents of the Pacific Northwest]

Chipmunks of the Pacific Northwest

Townsend's chipmunk- Chipmunk

The photo at right shows what appears to be a Townsend's chipmunk at Portland Audubon: Portland, OR (9/94). The photo at right shows a chipmunk (least or yellow-pine ?) living on an old lava flow at Willard, WA (6/76).

Chipmunk Species of the Pacific Northwest:

Yellow-pine Chipmunk: Tamias amoenus

Least Chipmunk: Tamias minimus

Red-tailed Chipmunk: Tamias ruficaudus

Allen's Chipmunk: Tamias senex

Siskiyou Chipmunk: Tamias siskiyou

Townsend's Chipmunk: Tamias townsendii

Paul Slichter