[The Sunflower Family in the Moutnains and Deserts of the American Southwest]

The Sunflower Family in the Mountains and Deserts of the American Southwest

Button-like Flower Heads

(Flower heads entirely with disk flowers. No ray flowers present.)



Burrobush, Bur-sages and Ragweeds: The Genus Ambrosia

Baccharis and Coyote Brush: The Genus Baccharis

Chaenactis, Dustymaidens and Pincushions: The Genus Chaenactis

Chamomile and Pineapple Weeds: The Genus Matricaria

Desert Needles: The Genus Palafoxia

Desert Fir, Pygmycedar, Schott's Pygmycedar, Desert Pine: Peucephyllum schottii - A dicot shrub.

Cudweeds and Cotton Batting Plants: The Genus Pseudognaphalium

Yellow Head, Yellowdome, Yellowhead: Trichoptilium incisum

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