[Ferns of the Southwestern Mountains and Deserts of the United States]

Star-scaled cloak ferns of the Mountains and Deserts of the American Southwest

The Genus Astrolepis



Arizona Scaly Cloakfern, Cochise Cloak Fern, Narrow Cloak Fern: Astrolepis cochisensis ssp. arizonica

Cochise Scaly Cloakfern: Astrolepis cochisensis ssp. cochisensis (Synonyms: Cheilanthes cochisensis, Cheilanthes sinuata, Notholaena cochisensis, Notholaena sinuata var. cochisensis)

Hybrid Cloakfern: Astrolepis integerrima (Synonyms: Cheilanthes integerrima, Notholaena integerrima, Notholaena sinuata var. integerrima)

Wavy Scaly Cloakfern, Wavy Scaly Cloak Fern: Astrolepis sinuata ssp. sinuata

Windham's Scaly Cloakfern: Astrolepis windhamii

Paul Slichter