[Wildflowers with Five Petals in the Desertand Mountains of the Southwestern of the United States]

The Borage Family in the Deserts and Mountains of the American Southwest




Fiddlenecks, Fireweeds and Tarweeds: The Genus Amsinckia

Cryptanths: The Genus Cryptantha

Whisperingbells: The Genus Emmenanthe

Waterleafs: The Genus Hydrophyllum

Gromwells, Puccoons and Stoneseeds: The Genus Lithospermum

Purple Mats: The Genus Nama

Heliotropes and Phacelias: The Genus Phacelia

Fiesta Flowers: The Genus Pholistoma

Popcornflowers: The Genus Plagiobothrys

Coldenias or Crinklemats: The Genus Tiquilia

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