[The Mustard Family in the Mountains and Deserts of the American Southwest]

Tansymustards of the Mountains and Deserts of the American Southwest

The Genus Descurainia

Mountain Tansymustard: Descurainia incana

Mountain Tansymustard: Descurainia incana

Sierra Tansymustard, Sierra Tansy Mustard: Descurainia californica

Mountain Tansymustard, Mountain Tansy Mustard, Soft Mountain Tansy Mustard: Descurainia incana (Synonyms: Descurainia richardsonii, Descurainia richardsonii ssp. viscosa)

Western Tansymustard, Western Tansy Mustard, Yellow Tansy Mustard: Descurainia pinnata

Flixweed, Herb Sophia: Descurainia sophia (Synonyms: Sisymbrium sophia, Sophia sophia)

Paul Slichter