[The Mustard Family in the American Southwest]

Mustards of the Mountains and Deserts of the American Southwest

The Genus Brassica

Field Mustard: Brassica rapa

Field Mustard: Brassica rapa

Mediterranean Cabbage: Brassica fruticulosa - Non-native.

Brown Mustard, India Mustard: Brassica juncea (Synonyms: Brassica integrifolia, Brassica japonica, Brassica juncea var. crispifolia, Brassica juncea var. japonica, Brassica wildenowii) - Non-native.

Rapeseed: Brassica napus - Non-native.

Black Mustard: Brassica nigra (Synonym: Sinapis nigra) - Non-native.

Cabbage: Brassica oleracea (Synonyms: Brassica oleracea var. acephala, Brassica oleracea var. capitata) - Non-native.

Field Mustard, Turnip: Brassica rapa (Synonyms: Brassica campestris, Brassica campestris ssp. rapifera, Brassica campestris var. rapa, Brassica rapa ssp. campestris, Brassica rapa ssp. olifera, Brassica rapa var. rapa) - Non-native.

Sahara Mustard, Saharan Mustard: Brassica tournefortii (Synonym: Brassica tournefortii var. sisymbrioides) - Non-native.

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